JPM Construction Inc. builds, renovates and maintains commercial facilities across Canada.

We are committed to:


We understand that down time has compounding costs. JPM has a proven track record of on-time or early delivery of all of our projects. We will not resort to excuses. We will overcome whatever comes up to ensure that there is no lost business due to construction delays.


We can’t and won’t always have the cheapest price in a competitive bid.  Value comes from the things we do that are not captured in line items on a bid sheet.  We have built strong trade relationships in all major Canadian marketplaces over the years, and bring the strength of tried, tested and true trade partners to every project. Our passion for total client satisfaction is clear to see from the first day on the job, and carries over to years after standard warranties expire.


This motto is entrenched through our organization. Even the best plans can’t always account for every site condition or challenge.  We take the time to develop at least two or three viable strategies before presenting changes or adjustments to our clients.  When challenges arise within our contract scope, we don’t make excuses.  We find a way to overcome and ensure that schedules and budgets are not affected.


When maintenance issues arise, we guarantee the fastest response in the business.  We understand that time is critical in emergencies, and you can always reach a member of our management team, 24/7/365.  


Our commitment to service and to professional standards ensures that you can rest easy knowing that you are in the best hands possible.